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Caribbean Series

Jamaica Blue Barbados Heat South Beach Shakedown St. Barts Breakdown Bahama Burnout

Praise for the series

"Bruns's twisted tale of rock-and-roll revenge will keep readers guessing until the end."
   —Publishers Weekly on Bahama Burnout

"A Caribbean thriller with a ring tone amazingly like the near-Caribbean thrillers of Tim Dorsey and Tom Corcoran."
   —Booklist on St. Bart's Breakdown

"Plenty of action in short chapters keeps this one moving..."
   —Library Journal on St. Barts Breakdown

"Read St. Barts Breakdown on the beach with an umbrella drink. The fast-paced tale of Mick Sever, a rock 'n' roll journalist who heads to St. Barts for a controversy-laden interview-turned-impromptu-murder-investigation, is best consumed with a side of sweet indulgence. It's not great literature, but it does provide the makings for a great day at the beach."
   —Islands Magazine on St. Barts Breakdown

"If you are looking for a book that you will want to read in one sitting, this is it... a 5-star 'wow' read."
   —Armchair Interviews on St. Barts Breakdown

"a zippy read"
   —Akron Beacon Journal on St. Barts Breakdown

"Bruns is a master storyteller..."
   —Indianapolis Star on St. Barts Breakdown

"South Beach Shakedown is a glitzy, high speed run from the back alleys to the burnt beaches of Miami Beach. In the hands of Don Bruns, it's hard to tell where the terrain is most dangerous."
   —Author Michael Connelly on South Beach Shakedown

"South Beach Shakedown moves fast, but never loses its way. The plot is tight, well structured, and never predictable. Characters are seedy and desperate, but never dull! Sex, drugs, and rock and roll, this book has them all. Bruns gives his readers an insider's look at the down and dirty music business, a tour of Miami Beach so real you smell the ceviche, a bird's eye view of strip clubs and a fast-moving plot with interesting, believable suspects. It's a good read. I'll be looking for Bruns' next book."
   —Boca Raton News on South Beach Shakedown

"Hot off the presses, Barbados Heat delivers exactly that...heat. Whether it be the heat Chilli D feels from the law, the passion of a man on a mission, or love illicit Bruns's read won't let you down. It's a good look at another of the voices of rock 'n roll as seen through the eyes of Sever and the pen of Bruns."
   —Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine on Barbados Heat

"When sitting down to a great meal logic would say to eat slowly, savor every bite, make the enjoyment last. Unfortunately I tend to be more like a little kid with dessert and eat quickly, and then sit wanting more. I mention this because this is similar to reading the latest Don Bruns book. Barbados Heat is wonderful and I wanted to make it last. I wanted to savor it. But I just couldn't. I read fast, like a reader starved for adventure through words. Bruns writes with an inviting style that makes you want to come in and stay a while. His characters are quickly old friends. This is a wonderful book and full of some very great moments. It reads smooth and easy, almost like good music playing on a summer afternoon. I would recommend to any fan of the mystery genre."
   —MysteryOne on Barbados Heat

"The second Sever novel is an angst-filled journey through politics and the music business, a twin vortex of the rich, the talented, and those who will stop at nothing to realize their dreams of fame and influence."
   —Booklist on Barbados Heat

"Barbados Heat is an incredibly fast-paced tale. Its complex plot would suffer in lesser hands. Bruns, however, is a master at keeping things moving, rendering the difficult easily understandable. This book will put Bruns's name on the 'A' List of many readers, and deservedly so. Highly recommended."
   —BookReporter.com on Barbados Heat

"He knows the rock scene from the inside, and with his warm vocal talents, he shares them with readers and listeners alike. His voice has a happy, easy-going rhythm, with just an edge of weariness, like a Jimmy Buffet song..."
   —Strand Magazine on Jamaica Blue

"Don Bruns has carved out his turf...sex, drugs, rock and roll and murder. What more could you want?"
   —Author Sue Grafton on Jamaica Blue

"A bright, fresh, dead-on debut from a great new voice! Buy it now and get in on the ground floor with an important new writer."
   —Author Lee Child on Jamaica Blue

"Pulsating, clever debut. Mixes the right beat of rock, suspense and character that keeps you hanging on."
   —Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel on Jamaica Blue

"There are twists within twists, intriguing characters to follow and the book is written with a sense of authority that tells us the author knows his field. Bruns is a new author on the crime fiction scene who knows how to write. He tells a fresh story in a fast, powerful, and engaging manner. The characters are sparingly but tellingly sketched. The story unfolds with logical, fast paced tempo."
   —Books n Bytes on Jamaica Blue